It is so funny how commenting the French petrol riots, one could see that most of the commentators were far right Russian bots. The chat climate is bad and the commenting people do not see what a brainwash campaign that is.

Putin loves the idea of Europe in chaos and tries to help it in any way he can so he may do his hostile takeover of Ukraine in peace and quiet. There were paid Russian car burners in Stockholm and it is absolutely the same in France, it is an unproportionate reaction to the petrol prices, too much to be only France. The petrol prices hit the Russians and Putin wants Macron away and also Macrons bromance with Trump has ended. Nasty boy that kept such a dumb Memorial speech when all Donnie was doing, was to protect his hair from the rain. To try to teach Trump a lesson always comes with revenge. Maybe this is it? If Putin helped in the election, why not here too?