There was an article telling about the amazing new Netflix film that “Will Be The Most Anticipated Film of The Century”, starring all these old actors – Robert de Niro, Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino. They will play hitmen. Hitmen? Look at their faces, they are 100 year old hitmen! Good they hire old actors and call them heroes and geniuses but think of the same film with a group of as badly aged, wrinkly women actors (and none of them is ever looking this bad). The headline then would be “At last someone gave work to these old and badly aged ladies, that is a miracle – take a look at how they have aged” and after that there would be a long description of their hangy tits and lost husbands instead of calling them “old heroes” as these old guys are called.

The weird, bad attitudes of the sexist world!!!



Netflix Paid $105 Million To Unite Worlds Greatest Actors For What Will Be The Most Anticipated Film Of The Century