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Fight for peace

Ikigai – the reason for being

How civilized a culture is can be seen in how they treat the women

No pants for boys if not for girls

Blondes have more fun

Such a weird world that allows idiots like this to lead their countries. And if someone states the obvious, he is kicked out…

Chats with bots about French riots

It is so funny how commenting the French petrol riots, one could see that most of the commentators were far right Russian bots. The chat climate is bad and the commenting people do not see what a brainwash campaign that is.

Putin loves the idea of Europe in chaos and tries to help it in any way he can so he may do his hostile takeover of Ukraine in peace and quiet. There were paid Russian car burners in Stockholm and it is absolutely the same in France, it is an unproportionate reaction to the petrol prices, too much to be only France. The petrol prices hit the Russians and Putin wants Macron away and also Macrons bromance with Trump has ended. Nasty boy that kept such a dumb Memorial speech when all Donnie was doing, was to protect his hair from the rain. To try to teach Trump a lesson always comes with revenge. Maybe this is it? If Putin helped in the election, why not here too?

A very important picture

This is a picture of a lady, Tessa Asplund, 42 years, 162 cm and 40 kg, who stood in front of a 300-strong Nazi march in Borlänge, central Sweden – and raised her fist in defiance. A very brave thing for a lonely coloured woman to do. She has gone viral and is compared to Danuta Danielsson, the legendary picture where this angry lady hits a skinhead with her handbag.

I admire these ladies courage. More brave real things like this.


The world needs more human beings like this!!

Watch Emma Gonzalez's Instantly Historic Full Speech About Gun Reform

'We are going to be the last mass shooting. We are going to change the law'

Opslået af NowThis på 17. februar 2018

Old men are heroes, old women just…old….

There was an article telling about the amazing new Netflix film that “Will Be The Most Anticipated Film of The Century”, starring all these old actors – Robert de Niro, Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino. They will play hitmen. Hitmen? Look at their faces, they are 100 year old hitmen! Good they hire old actors and call them heroes and geniuses but think of the same film with a group of as badly aged, wrinkly women actors (and none of them is ever looking this bad). The headline then would be “At last someone gave work to these old and badly aged ladies, that is a miracle – take a look at how they have aged” and after that there would be a long description of their hangy tits and lost husbands instead of calling them “old heroes” as these old guys are called.

The weird, bad attitudes of the sexist world!!!



Netflix Paid $105 Million To Unite Worlds Greatest Actors For What Will Be The Most Anticipated Film Of The Century

Idiots in suits

I am in metro looking at the young guys who obviously think they own the world now. Young white males who never look around checking if they hit someone with their backpack, if their jacket is hanging on someones face or if they bump into someone. They do not see anyone else than themselves. In what kind of world can such selfish creatures grow up – and no- one corrects them? If a lady does the same things, no one is faster to say about it than these same guys. Who the hell brought them up and let them be like this???

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